Beat Wings in Vain

by Gushing Cloud

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    Words about the album from people who are not us:
    "To me it seems Kumo is going for something participatory. He’s jerking the listeners along unpredictable twists and lurches for a process; a thoughtful dialogue. Regardless if the listener enjoys every moment, he or she has to commit to the journey and there’s a light-hearted feel to this embrace of stylistic exploration." - Adam Pearson at Decoder Magazine ************************************
    "Man, the dudes at Intangible Cat just keep getting better with every release. This album by Gushing Cloud is exactly what psychedelia in music should be about: a rich, sprawling mosaic of sounds and ideas, fusing many genres into a melting pot that keeps you drawn in and keeps surprising with every second. From uplifting trip-hoppy passages to funky sampledelia and psychedelic post-rock soundscapes, “Beat Wings in Vain” is an exhaustive and rewarding listen. Highly recommended!" - Weed Temple ****************************************
    ".....Beat Wings in Vain is an uplifting blue-sky jazz-funk.....Live drumming and saxophony give the capricious instrumentals their bones and breath, bass their rubber soul, piano, electric guitar and silvery synth sizzle and zazz, trumpets glint and blare. Rich and tasty, eminently imbibible, preferably in a shady spot beachside within short stumbling distance of the breaking waves." - Stephen Fruitman at Igloo Magazine *****************************************
    ".....sounds all quite raw yet highly refreshing. Dub like pop music, ambient dub like, jazz like, laidback. All a warm summer needs, I would guess. All of these pieces are heavily layered, with always something happening somewhere......... Uplifting, crazy music, bouncing all over the place. Surely highly psychedelic all together. Some very fine eclectic release"......... Vital Weekly ****************************************
    " post-rock in the realm of latter-period Tortoise and Labradford or some of the jazzier stuff on Constellation. At times it even sounds pretty close to being a ’90s IDM electronica record, a sample-heavy one that veers towards ’70s spliffy jazz-funk and exotica. So it is quite psychedelic, but in the way Bitches Brew era Miles Davis and everyone on the Ninja Tune label were psychedelic. It’s got a very urban feel, even in its folkiest moments (“folky” the way Peter Gabriel is “folky”), which is counter to everything the name, title and artwork suggests....." Bone Rolling Reviews
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released May 31, 2013



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Gushing Cloud Illinois

Gushing Cloud is a musical artist currently residing in Chicago IL centered on the often-electronic and colorfully experimental beat-based music of Cory Bengtsen (also known as Gus Kumo when playing live,) yet incorporating various collaborators both musical and performance art-based. Beginning in 2004, GC has grown to become a uniquely organic and emotionally interesting music project. ... more

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